#iamprojcan Exhibit A


            In accordance with Section 1 of the Agreement, Participant shall develop and post the following Content specific for the Campaign on the following Channel(s) during the Term:

  • Posts: Participant shall be obligated to make a minimum of two (2) posts per week, throughout the duration of the Term, across any combination of the Channels provided below:
    • Participant’s Instagram profile, leveraging the #IAmProjCan hashtag Campaign (see below)
    • Instagram Stories Series (multiple pieces of Content), about the #IAmProjCan Campaign
    • Participant’s Twitter profile, leveraging the #IAmProjCan hashtag Campaign.

For the avoidance of a doubt, Participant shall only post Content through: (1) Participant’s Instagram profile; (2) Participant’s Instagram Stories Series; and (3) Participant’s Twitter profile.

For each of the posts described above, Participant shall send proof of such posts through screenshots and related post analytics from Participant’s Channels, on a weekly basis where possible.

Final posts and details to be agreed upon by Participant and the Company; examples of potential requests provided below:

  • Participation in #IAmProjCan Campaign: Participant to participate in the Project Cannabis #IAmProjCan Campaign, by creating original and personal Content that shows Participant performing typical, daily and creative rituals and activities, sharing what “I Am Proj Can” means to Participant, and to direct fans, followers and users to their custom URL on the ProjCan.com website, via their social media profile bio.
  • Artistic Integration: Participant will discuss past and current work, projects, hobbies, etc., in the context of how Project Cannabis product is integrated into such practices.
  • Unboxing Custom Combo Packs: Participant will record and document the experience of receiving and opening Project Cannabis product through video, audio and still photography. This feature is primarily intended for Instagram Stories, or Content with multiple frames.
  • Outdoors: Participant will highlight Project Cannabis products in relation to their own life and current Content. Special attention should be given to Participant telling their #IAmProjCan stories against backdrop of outdoor photography, experiences, etc. (while remaining mindful of shelter-in-place and other social restrictions and good hygiene practices).
  • Shelter-at-Home/Self-Quarantine: Participant will document their own experience of self-quarantine as it relates to Project Cannabis products (i.e. using products in conjunction with at-home routines).
  • Testimonial: Participant will post organic testimonial content (first person, direct to camera where possible) that highlights their experience with Project Cannabis products throughout the years. This Content also to be converted into text-overlay for future usage of testimonial text.


            In accordance with Section 2 of the Agreement, and in full consideration of Participant’s performance of the Services and the rights granted herein and therein, the Company will provide Participant with opportunities to:

  • purchase certain products sold by the Company at a significant discount to be determined by the Company in their sole and discretion and in compliance with applicable regulations;
  • secure exclusive, branded products not available to the general public;
  • access discount codes for certain products sold by the Company to share with friends, family and/or followers; and
  • pursue a variety of prizes to be determined and issued by the Company in their sole discretion, including SWAG, accessories, and a tour of the Company’s licensed cultivation facility.
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