Los Angeles Cannabis Delivery Service: A Convenient Choice From Project Cannabis

We live in an age of hyper-convenience. If there’s something we need, then we have all grown accustomed to being able to access it with an ease that would have been unthinkable only a quarter-century ago. From takeout food to the latest gadgets – and everything in between, – convenience is now king: we place an order, sit back, and wait for whatever we have chosen to purchase to arrive. Our schedules are undisturbed by needing to spend hours queuing in lines, traipsing from store to store to hunt down a very specific product, or sitting in hot traffic for hours at a time; instead, we can choose what we want and subsequently have it delivered directly to our door. It really couldn’t be simpler. 


We at Project Cannabis understand the value that being able to have items delivered directly to your home can hold. As a result, we have launched a new service that should be of interest to both our new and existing customers: our Los Angeles cannabis delivery service. The days of having to visit a dispensary to purchase your supplies are now behind you, as Project Cannabis leads the way into a future where products arrive at your chosen location as required. 


The benefits of cannabis delivery 


If you’re accustomed to buying from a dispensary, then here are just a few of the reasons you might want to consider utilizing our outstanding Los Angeles cannabis delivery service also… 



  • Maximum convenience. Delivery allows you to access the cannabis products you want, but without having to take time out of your schedule to visit a store and make your selection; delivery is by far the most convenient choice for our customers.
  • Expansive list of products can be delivered. We at Project Cannabis have taken steps to ensure that the products we have available for delivery are as expansive as possible. From flowers to vaporizers to concentrates, a vast range of products are all available for delivery to your preferred address. We also offer both recreational and medicinal products for delivery, so whatever your needs, you can be sure you’ll find what you need with us.
  • Excellent quality items. Our seed-to-store dispensaries have earned a reputation for providing outstanding quality courtesy of our indoor cultivation methods, and choosing our Los Angeles cannabis delivery service allows you to continue to enjoy that quality with maximum ease.
  • “Buy More, Save More” offer. We offer a “Buy More, Save More” policy that applies to larger orders, which can provide excellent savings if placing an order for delivery. 
  • Excellent customer service. Purchasing an order for delivery means you will still receive outstanding customer service; if you’re looking for advice or guidance on your purchase, or just need assistance with a particular order, then we will be more than happy to help resolve your queries in the shortest possible time frame.



Cannabis delivery in the age of coronavirus


We at Project Cannabis launched our Los Angeles cannabis delivery service with the intention of providing a key service to our customers, allowing them to access their preferred pot products with an ease and convenience that is akin with other products found in modern life. This kind of service is timeless and will always be advantageous – but there’s no doubt the past few months have shone a light on the absolute necessity of delivery options, too. 


Coronavirus has been the dominant news story of 2020, and will likely continue to feature heavily in both the news cycle and people’s minds for the rest of the year – and potentially even further beyond. As a result of the ongoing battle against the virus, being able to offer home delivery to our customers has become more than a helpful service – it’s become a key element of assisting our customers with maintaining their safety and well-being during these challenging times. 


When opting for Los Angeles cannabis delivery rather than attending a dispensary yourself, you are able to preserve all social distancing measures that have been recommended by experts in virology and epidemiology. Sheltering in place helps to lessen the spread of the virus and ensure that healthcare systems – and those who work within those systems – are as protected as possible. By staying home, you’re not just limiting your risk of exposure to the virus – you’re playing a vital part in protecting other people and essential services.


Receiving deliveries of cannabis at your home rather than visiting a dispensary will reduce your risk of exposure to the virus and the risk of spreading it to others, but at the same time, you’ll still be able to access your chosen cannabis or associated devices just as you always would have. As a result, opting for Los Angeles cannabis delivery is very much a win/win at the moment: help to flatten the curve by sheltering in place and protecting the community and yourself, but still be able to ensure that you have your favorite products on hand to help make quarantine as bearable as possible. 


Our Los Angeles cannabis delivery service will continue long into the future and will be available to all even when the current pandemic draws to a close – we believe the need for such a service is genuinely eternal, and hope our customers will benefit from our home delivery options. We do, however, note the special benefits home delivery can offer at this point in time, and hope our customers will find the service especially useful as efforts to manage the spread of coronavirus continue apace across the city and wider state. 


Order your first cannabis delivery from us today


You can browse our full range of products on the Project Cannabis website and, when you’ve made your selection, arrange your delivery – and don’t forget, your “Buy More, Save More” discount will be applied as soon as the order is confirmed, so you’ll receive an updated total soon after making your request. We look forward to providing you with our outstanding Los Angeles cannabis delivery service both now and for many years to come in the future. 

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