Project Cannabis in San Francisco

Our Project Cannabis dispensary is located in the heart of the SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco. We carry a powerful selection of top-notch products from trusted brands, including our own cultivations. 

Our modern loft style brick-and-mortar is an inviting and airy oasis; it showcases the culture and art of SF through a gallery collection of iconic photography from the rock era in San Francisco. Rare black and white photos of The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, and other artists line the walls. To match the energy of the store’s vibe, we play a curated soundtrack of some of the best SF jazz, rock, hip hop, and other musical styles.

Project Cannabis in San Francisco is the newest part of our expansion in the state of California, which also includes dispensaries in Los Angeles and San Diego. 

Where Exactly in San Francisco Is Project Cannabis Located?

We’re in the heart of the SoMa, close to South Beach and Mission Bay. 

For your convenience, Project Cannabis in San Francisco is located in between two Bart stops–just a few blocks northeast of 24th Street Mission Bart Station and a few blocks due southeast of the 16th Street Mission Bart Station. 

What Can I Find at Project Cannabis in SoMa?

Project Cannabis in San Francisco was placed here for a reason–for you to be able to enjoy our products within arms length of a plethora of other awesome SF hot spots. Our address is 761 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA, 94107.

At Project Cannabis, we understand the needs of our clients, and that’s why we’re open 7 days a week. Our hours are 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. daily.

Below is a list of the product categories that can be found at our dispensary. 


The incredible selection of marijuana in flower form found at Project Cannabis in SoMa is not to be overlooked. Inhale, exhale, and feel calm, relaxed, happy, and energetic with our spectacularly potent hybrids. We’ve got strains like Fruit Bubblegum from Pacific Stone, Garlic Kush from Pure Beauty, and our very own Fresh Baked – Versace that will activate your senses and help you reach a pinnacle of heightened awareness. Best prices dispensary in San Francisco? You bet. 


Pre-Rolls at Project Cannabis are next level and will have you feeling elevated with just one hit. Our dispensary in San Francisco, like our others across the county, boasts a distinguished selection of pre-rolls which come in packs, singles, or infused. We carry popular brands like El Blunto’s Cotton Candy Live Resin Infused Bluntitos and Jeeter’s Apple Fritter Hybrid Infused Pre-Rolls. Other well-known brands include Froot, Almora Farm, Kingpen, and BeMore Blunt.


If you’re more of a vape person, you’ll be glad to know that the THC infused cartridges and vape options at this San Francisco marijuana dispensary are highly rated yet priced at a remarkably low rate. We carry Stizzy’s classic Banana Cream Pie Live Resin Pods, Jetty Pax’s Blue Dream Vape Cartridges, and Heavy Hitters’ Cloudberry Distillate Cartridges. We also have a supply of battery packs in the event you need to reup on your battery supply.


Are concentrates your vibe? The Project Cannabis in SoMa carries quite the range of concentrates fit for helping you achieve any type of high. We’ve got Beard Brothers – RSO Hybrid Syringes, Punch Extracts, Fatso Indica Live Rosin, and some Hybrid Sour Chem Badder from Cream of the Crop Gardens, among other top-grade brand products. Our selection is hands-down more eclectic and extensive than those you’ll find in the surrounding area of SoMa.


Cookies, candies and gummies galore! The edible supply at Project Cannabis will have you salivating in a heartbeat. We also run daily promotions such as Self Care Sundays so you can find those Sunday Scaries with some delicious weed-infused treats at an unbeatable low cost. Clients rave that our storefront offers an “incredible selection of edibles across some of the best brands,” such as Garden Society and Highatus.


Tinctures are a phenomenal way to ingest marijuana and catch a buzz incognito. Drop the THC or CBD-infused liquid in your morning OJ, on your overpriced avocado toast, or on top of a refreshingly crunchy salad for a mood booster and mind enhancer. We’ve got tinctures to help with sleep, aid in relieving pain, and even some flavored syrups from Cannavis–like Pineapple and Tropical Punch–that will get you the perfect amount of stoned.


If you find yourself aching, itching, scratching, stinging, reeling in pain from poor joints, weakened, recovering from a fresh tattoo, etc, then a topical might be the right move for you. Marijuana topicals are a fantastic way to soothe your pain and ease your strain–with the right strain of course. Project Cannabis hand selects our topical supply to ensure that our clients are receiving the finest quality products and clean ingredients when seeking treatment for a health issue or physical struggle.


Project Cannabis offers quite the array of handy dandy accessories to go alongside your smoking devices. From Zig Zag Papers and Cones to Raw Tips, Joint Rollers, and Plastic and Metal Grinders, we’ve got you covered. 

How Can I Get In Contact With the Project Cannabis Dispensary in San Francisco?

We have two different phone lines–one dedicated to pickup and curbside services and one dedicated to delivery services. The pickup phone number is (628) 333-6159, and the delivery line is (628) 333-6159–which also doubles as our direct line where we can help answer any questions you might have in the realm of cannabis. 

Project Cannabis also has other locations throughout California, namely Los Angeles, so if you happen to make a trip down to LaLa Land, you can peep the additional Project Cannabis dispensaries in LA.

What Do Customers Have to Say About the Project Cannabis SoMa Dispensary

The feedback from first time and repeat customers who’ve visited Project Cannabis in SoMa is overwhelmingly positive. Clients have written that we have the best weed deals in SF and that our staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They also seem to enjoy our clean and organized interior. We are beyond grateful to know that our clients appreciate our “wide selection of flowers and concentrates” and “really good deals.” 

As you can see, our SoMa dispensary has a lot to offer, and we strive to provide our clients with the best service and products on the market. SoMa has an incredible and vivacious scene and Project Cannabis contributes to the eclectic nature of the area. Whether you live in the neighborhood or are stopping through SF for a quick visit, don’t sleep on trying out Project Cannabis in San Francisco! You won’t regret it.

Our mission is to help our customers achieve the perfect high and explore new cannabis products that will help elevate their experience, at a very fair price. That’s why we have so many deals and discounts–including BOGOS–which you can check out on our website or instore. Should you want to take advantage of our incredible deals and daily specials, join our loyalty program for updates on the latest inventory, cannabis specials, and other member perks.

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