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Delivery Method: Consuming Cannabis In A Way Which Works For You

People have been using cannabis for thousands of years. Signs of pot use can be found across a range of different cultures, and there is evidence that this plant was being used as early as 2,500 years ago in certain parts of the world.


Having been popular for such a long time, people have had the opportunity to be creative with the ways that they consume cannabis. Some prefer to keep it simple, wrapping their herbs in paper and smoking them like a cigarette, while others like to get a little more technical. Everyone likes something different.


We’re going to be exploring the different cannabis consumption methods available to you in this article. Not only will this teach you a thing or two about getting high, but it should also give you an opportunity to consider how you’d like to enjoy this plant. A visit to our cannabis dispensary will give you the opportunity to start trying each of these methods.



Combustion has long been the most popular way to consume cannabis, and most smokers will agree that few things top off a hard day at work like a toke on a nice fat dube. There are a number of different ways to smoke your cannabis, and you can find some of the most common examples below.


  • Spliffs/Joints/Blunts/Dubes/Any other roll-ups: Whether you mix your cannabis with tobacco, other plants, or nothing at all, rolling it up in paper is possibly the most common cannabis consumption method in the world. This is a convenient way to smoke, as you only need rolling papers and some sort of roach to act as a mouthpiece. Some people struggle to roll a joint, though, and it can take a long time to pick this skill up.


  • Bongs: Bongs can be made from all sorts of materials, including plastic, glass, and even wood. They will usually consist of a large mouthpiece, a bowl and stem for the cannabis to sit in, and a large container which can be filled with water or ice. The smoke passes through the water, making it smoother and cooling it down. Like rolling, some people struggle to get the hang of creaming and inhaling the contents of a bong.


  • Pipes: Pipes are simpler than rolling or using a bong; you simply pop your cannabis in one end, light it up, and suck on the other. If you’re worried about your ability to roll but would still like to smoke, pipes can be a good way to go about it.


The method you choose can often affect the type of high you have. Slowly smoking a spliff will give you a mellow, long-lasting high. Using a bong or a pipe will usually result in a more intense high, but it will come on slower and won’t last as long as smoking a spliff. It’s always worth considering health when you’re choosing your cannabis consumption method, and it’s hard to ignore the fact that smoking will always impact your health, even if you don’t use tobacco.



Like smoking, vaporizing cannabis has also long been a top choice for users across the world. This doesn’t involve burning the plant, instead heating it to a temperature which vaporizes the THC and other active chemicals. There are a couple of different ways to vape your cannabis, and you can find some information about them below.


  • Dry Herbs: Dry herb vaporizers like the legendary Volcano have been around for quite some time. These devices can be both portable and designed for home use, and are usually extremely simple to use. Quality dry herb vaporizers don’t come cheap, but this can be worth it for regular users.


  • Liquids/Oils: Liquids and oils can also be used in vaporizer systems, though these are usually based on e-cigarettes. We sell a wide range of pods and capsules for these devices, along with the devices themselves. These are a lot more affordable than a dry herb vaporizer, but will still provide a more than satisfying experience.


Vaping will often feel quite different to smoking. A lot of users report that they experience a head-high when they use a tool like this, rather than the body high which comes with smoking. This can make vaping better for those who like to maintain an active lifestyle. 



Given that most people experience the munchies when they get high, few things could be better than making edibles out of cannabis, right? There are loads of different edible cannabis products available on the market at the moment, ranging from chocolate bars to tinctures which can be added to other foods. Edibles are made by heating cannabis in some sort of fat. This breaks down the THC and other active chemicals in the plant, making them digestible. You can make edibles from home, though a lot of people make mistakes with dosage when they go down this route.


Eating edibles will produce a high closer to vaping than smoking. It can take much longer for it to hit you, with some people finding that they have to wait for as long as an hour before they feel high. Alongside this, though, it’s far more subtle and convenient than the other options on this list. New users won’t be intimidated by the idea of smoking, and veteran stoners will be pleased to see how different this experience can be. Of course, having the chance to enjoy a tasty treat is always good, whether it’s infused with cannabis or not.


Here at Project Cannabis, we love to get people high. With a wide range of seed-to-dispensary cannabis, liquids and oils, and edibles on offer, we have everything you need to start experimenting with the way that you consume your cannabis. Of course, our friendly team is also on hand to help with any questions you might have.


We pride ourselves on offering quality cannabis no matter the strain you choose. We can track our products back to the grow they came from, and know exactly how each plant was treated as it grew. We’re sure that you’ll struggle to find a range like ours in another cannabis dispensary.

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